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Chocolates Chews
The 360 Chews Opportunity!
Dr. DeSilva on 360 Chews
Dr. DeSilva on 360 Chews
Infused With Zorbmax
Infused With ZorbMax
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Electrolyte Chews Product Flyer PDF

You no longer need excuses for craving chocolate. 360 Chocolates give you good reasons - like doctor-designed nutritional supplements infused with exclusive patent-pending ZorbMax® electrolyte technology - all wrapped in luxuriously rich dark cacao!

Pure Energy

Find yourself lagging throughout the day? Do you mentally nod off even though your eyes stay open? Ever feel like you are moving in slow motion while the world around you is on fast forward? Experience all the benefits of the Electrolyte enhanced formula PLUS the ADDED difference of a natural energy infusion! Unleash the power you hope for from an energy drink without experiencing the jitters or crash that accompany massive amounts of synthetic caffeine and heavy sugar, high fructose corn syrup, or artificially sweetened drinks! Discover the stamina you need to stay alert – without the need to compromise your health.

  • Proprietary Energy Blend
  • ZorbMax - Super-charged Electrolytes
  • Made with Natural Cacao Dark Chocolate
  • Acai Berry from the Amazon
  • Revitalizing Vitamin B-12

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Electrolyte Enhanced

Want to make the most of the good things you are putting into your body while indulging your taste buds with a delicious treat? Electrolyte enhanced 360 Chocolate Chews are a perfect way to enjoy healthy, sugar-free chocolates that uniquely deliver great taste and vital cell-energizing electrolytes. Every delicious bite releases a hint of caramel flavor with a flood of healthy antioxidants from rich dark chocolate and exotic acai to enhance your body’s fight against the constant threat of free-radical damage. When you feel like treating yourself, treat yourself right.

  • Made with Natural Cacao Dark Chocolate
  • ZorbMax - Proprietary Electrolyte Blend
  • Amazon Acai Superfruit Extract
  • Anthocyanins & Polyphenols
  • Cranberry & Apple Extracts

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